Mental health is
part of overall

Psychiatric services for all life stages

Restore balance, rediscover joy,
and thrive!

We offer

  • Psychiatric evaluation

  • Personalized treatment plan

  • Lifestyle recommendations

  • Medication management

We serve

  • Children, 5 years and up

  • Adolescent and youth

  • General Adults

  • Older Adults

We treat

  • Depression, Bipolar disorder

  • Anxiety, Panic disorders

  • Attention Deficit Disorders

  • Schizophrenia, OCD & more

We can start today

  • Step 1: Request appointment

  • Step 2: Complete intake

  • Step 3: Meet clinican for initial evaluation

Virtual visit

Visit Virtually

See your clinician virtually using our secure video link for most follow-up visits.

In-person visit

Visit In-person

Meet your clinician in-person at one of our offices. Most initial visits require an office visit.

Welcome to Your Journey Towards Wellness

Starting your journey with us is straightforward and fully confidential. Here's how to begin your path to improved mental health, step by step.

A path leading to the office

Step 1: Begin Your Journey

  1. Click 'Get Started': Easily start your appointment process.

  2. Enter Your Email: Register with your primary email. Parents or guardians should use their own email.

  3. Check Your Inbox: You'll receive an email with a link to a brief form. Please fill it out promptly.

  4. Prefer a Conversation First?: For those who'd like to discuss their needs before registering, we offer direct assistance. Click 'Call Now' to connect with our friendly staff.

Paperwork for assessments on a computer

Step 2: Registration and Paperwork

  1. Await Our Response: We'll reply within 24-48 hours on business days with an email and follow-up call. If there's any delay, we'll keep you informed.

  2. Log In: Access your account using the same email via the link we resend to ensure you're in the right place for the next steps.

  3. Complete Your Paperwork: Our tailored care starts here. Fill out the necessary forms and assessments so we can best meet your specific needs.

A friendly staff scheduling your appointmnt

Step 3: Scheduling Your Appointment

  1. Finalize Your Registration: After completing your paperwork, a staff member will contact you to finalize the process.

  2. Schedule Your Initial Appointment: Together, we'll find the perfect time for your first visit, officially starting your journey with us.

In-Office Assistance

Need help in completing the paperwork? Don't have access to technology? Come into our office. One of our friendly staff will assist you.