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The Diet Factor and ADHD

New research suggests that altering diets in children with ADHD may improve symptoms.  The authors suggest that modifying diet can be a “practical” treatment that complements existing medications or behavioral modification strategies. Removing foods such as red meat, processed meat, potato chips, high fat dairy foods, soft drinks, and fast foods can improve ADHD behaviors.

The study was published in the January 9 issue of Pediatrics.

Authors of this new research point to a study that was conducted last year which draws a clear link between ADHD in adolescents and a “Western-style” diet that is high in fat, refined sugars and sodium, while also low in fiber, folates and fatty acids.  In addition, ADHD was not associated with a “healthy” diet based on fish, vegetables, fruit, legumes and whole-grain foods.

The authors note that supplementing healthier diets with omega-3 fatty acids have also shown promising results such as improved school grades and a decrease in ADHD behaviors.

The full article can be accessed here:

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