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Importance of Fitness in Preventing Depression

A new study shows that good physical fitness at the age of 18 can help fend off depression later in life. The study was published online by the British Journal of Psychiatry this past June.

Lower cardiovascular fitness was associated with an increased risk for depression even 30 to 40 years later in life.  The same was not true for Bipolar Disorder. The results came from a long-term study of more than 1 million men in Sweden.

One of the lead authors of the study, Dr. Maria Aberg, said that she hopes doctors will inform their young patients that the brain needs two kinds of training, cognitive challenges and physical exercise.  Dr. Aberg, also said that she would like to see the results of this study bring more attention to the importance of sports and physical activity in schools and the need to dedicate appropriate amounts of funding and resources to such programs in schools.

In addition, targeting high-risk populations for depression with early cardiovascular training is important.  Major Depression can affect 1 in 10 persons and is the single, leading cause of disability in the US.

You can access the article abstract here:

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