To make an appointment call us at:
Tomball Office:       281-290-8188
South Loop Office: 713-808-9781
Bryan Office:         979-383-2074
Lufkin Office:        936-229-3621

How to Prepare for your Visit:


Our health care staff wants your first visit to be successful and meaningful. In order to help us ensure your visit’s success, please do the following:

  • Arrive at least one hour before your appointment time so that you can fill out the health forms, which will help the caregivers understand about your  concerns.
  • Help us understand your health history. If you have a long or complicated health history, create a one-page summary that contains key issues and information that will provide a clear picture of your needs to the doctor, quickly and thoroughly.  Be sure to include important dates, any diagnoses you’ve received and other information that you think your doctor should know.  Here are the key items for you to consider:
    • List of current medications with dosage, date started, reason for taking it and who prescribed it.
    • Past history: Any prior diagnoses, any treatments received, when, duration, out comes, etc.  Who provided the treatment?  Any hospitalizations?
    • Family history: Any psychiatric or medical conditions in your family.
    • Educational and Work history: Major milestones, challenges, etc
  • Bring bottles of any current medications you are taking.
  • Bring information regarding your current primary care provider and the most recent psychiatrist if you had one.
  • Any reports on recent diagnostic workup such as lab results, etc.


We look forward to servicing your health needs. 

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To make an appointment call us at:
Tomball Office:      281-290-8188
South Loop Office: 713-808-9781
Bryan Office:          979-383-2074
Lufkin Office:         936-229-3621