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Developing Constructive Conflict Resolution Skills with Adolescents


Adolescent mental health is shaped by how conflicts and arguments are handled at home. Children with empathetic skills not only have better relationships with their parents, but they also go on to have better relationships outside the home, in friendships and in their love lives.

Most adolescents (and adults) take one of the following four strategies during a conflict: attacking, withdrawing, complying and problem solving. Children who use the first two strategies, going on the offensive or refusing to engage, are more likely to become depressed, anxious or seek out risky behaviors. Even adolescents who are quickly willing to comply with their parents wishes are more at risk for mood disorders. Worse, teenagers who do not know how to resolve problems at home have similar problems with their peers and romantic partners. However, adolescents who have the skills and confidence to engage in problem solving tend to display the strongest mental health and experience the most rewarding, healthy relationships as they grow.

An adolescent’s capacity to engage in problem solving has to do with his/her ability to see someone else’s perspective. Adolescence is when children are first able to engage in abstract reasoning, which can allow them to see perspectives and viewpoints other than their own. Parents and caregivers who can take advantage of this natural developmental milestone will not only cultivate more meaningful relationships with their children, and secure their better mental health, but will also enable their children to have healthier relationships down the line.

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To make an appointment call us at:
Tomball Office:      281-290-8188
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